Yealink T48 Training

Instructions on using the voicemail

Links to Videos on Phone Features

Warm Transfer

Blind Transfer


Voicemail access

3-Way Calls

DND - Do not Disturb. Should always be off. Otherwise, phone will not ring and all calls go to voicemail

Speed Dial

Credit Card Processing Instructions

Please click on the link below:

Select the integrated payment demo:
Copy and paste the password: OP-InstaMed-Demo

Select the HD mode, turn on the volume, and enlarge the screen.

The only thing that we do differently is that when we go to print the receipt, go to properties and select the credit card receipt icon which will print the receipt magnified on the whole page and not a quarter of the page as before. 

Delete a credit card on file instructions.

Hit magnify button L upper corner below to enlarge image. You need to go the F12 section of the chart to delete a credit card on file

PFT for Medical Assistants